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Principal's Introduction
Staff introduction

Kazutoshi Hirose

Mr. Akechi - President
PX Group of Companies

Office Manager
She is wife of our principal and is responsible for all the administrative work related to the office and give motherly treatment to all the staff members, taking care and guiding the staff in office related and personal matter. She is truly a source of encouragement and moral booster for the staff.

Assistant General Manager
A true professional to the core, he is in-charge of all the audit and taxation jobs of the office. He has vast experience and knowledge, like that of a pocketbook and is ready with any solution from accounting to taxation matters at all the times. A meticulous tax planner, he minimizes the tax liability of the clients through proactive tax planning.

Indian Chartered Accountant.
He has wide experience of over 20 years in the field of accounting, finance, taxation and statutory compliance including 4 years of experience with accounting practice in London, UK and has excellent drafting skill in English.

Clerical work
A very energetic and smiling person, she takes away the monotony out of the stressful accounting and taxation work, while taking care of clerical and data entry work of the office.

Clerical work
A dedicated and reliable person doing the clerical and data entry work and an elder sisterly help to all in the office.
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